Germany’s U25 Women’s Head Coach Dennis Nohl and co-trainer Marina Mohnen have nominated their 10-member squad for the upcoming 2019 Women’s U25 World Championship.

The team that will travel to Thailand to compete between the 23 to 28 May was announced after a joint training camp with the Germany senior women’s national team, which took place over the Easter weekend in Bonn.

Head Coach Nohl said following the camp, “We have a successful course behind us and look expectantly towards the World Championship. We worked a lot on our decision-making competence and our defensive behaviour and gave the young athletes much input for their individual work in the clubs and also at home.”

In the World Championship preliminary round, Germany face Turkey, USA and Australia.

Co-trainer Mohen said, “At first glance, it’s a tough group. The USA are the clear favourites in the group, as they are almost the same steam as in the 2018 World Championships. They are even ahead of GB, as contenders for the title with this team. Australia has a great centre player, Annabelle Lindsay of the senior-squad, who is very basket-threatening in the zone.”

In the second preliminary round group A hosts Thailand, Japan, South Africa and co-favourite Great Britain meet.

Nohl has a clear goal in mind for the World Championship and said, “We want to create the best possible starting position for the quarter-finals in the group stage. For this purpose, the games against Turkey and Australia are crucial. We definitely want to reach the semi-finals!”

The joint training camp with the senior national team was the last chance for the young team together before the World Championship, which gave them the opportunity to assemble different line-ups and to test against a strong team.


Lisa Bergenthal 1999 4.0 Köln 99ers
Svenja Erni 2003 3.5 Sabres Ulm
Valeska Finger 1999 2.5 Lux Rollers
Anna-Lena Hennig 2000 2.5 Hannover United
Sarah Heibutzki 1995 2.0 RSV Lahn Dill
Anna Jansen 2000 2.5 Emsland Rolli Baskets
Rebecca Lieb 1997 3.5 BG Baskets Hamburg
Anne-Sophie Risse 1995 4.5 PS Karlsruhe
Martha Schuren 2000 2.5 Köln 99ers
Catharina Weiß 2000 1.0 RSKV Tübingen


Team Staff

Dennis Nohl (Trainer)
Marina Mohnen ( Assistant Trainer)
Franziska Vogel (Physical Therapist)
Mathis Garvels (Physiotherapist)
Petra Michel-Leutheuser ( Team Doctor )
Marie Scheidemann (Technician)

The nomination proposal now has to be confirmed by the DBS final.

Text courtesy of Team Germany Rollstuhlbasketball