The international technical officials who will preside over the 2023 IWBF Women’s U25 World Championship have been announced. This highly-anticipated event, scheduled to take place from 3 October to 9 October 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, promises to showcase the remarkable talent and sportsmanship of young female wheelchair basketball players from across the globe.

The selection of the officials is a testament to their extensive experience and dedication to the sport, ensuring the tournament will be conducted with the highest level of professionalism and fairness. The officials will be responsible for ensuring that all games run smoothly, adhering to the rules and regulations of wheelchair basketball, and maintaining a high standard of sportsmanship throughout the competition.

The list of international technical officials for the 2023 IWBF Women’s U25 World Championship includes referees, referee supervisors, classifiers, and commissioners.

Tournament Technical Committee:

Technical Director – Juan Magallanes (MEX)
Assistant Technical Director – Don Perrimann (AUS)
Tournament Technical Committee Member – Cristian Roja (ITA)


David Casse (FRA)
Sasa Lakic (AUT)
Hrvoje Pencinger (CRO)
Doris Korsman-Kaschmieder (NED)
Tomas Pajer (CZE)
Yaniv Hadad (ISR)
Ahmed Aya (EGY)
Diego Borghini (URU)
Mohamed Saleh Al Ali (UAE)
Farshad Hashemi Sanatgar (IRI)
Zijian GENG (CHN)
Chih-Hsin Hsiao (TPE)

Referee Supervisors:

Edwin Wallaart (NED)
Matt Wells (AUS)
Max Kindervater (GER)
Damir Kunosic (BIH)


Regina Costa (POR)
Karen Ferguson (CAN)
Keiko Yasuda (JPN)
Rober Kassab (UAE)
Sabine Drisch (GER)
Giovanna Marson (ITA)
Bahar Kulunfoglu (TUR)

Game Commissioners:

Carolina Aguilar (BRA)
Somkat Ngoenphotduang (THA)
Jan Timms (GBR)
Nathalie van Meurs (NED)

The Women’s U25 World Championship is expected to be a thrilling event, with teams from various nations competing for the coveted championship title. The officials’ role will be pivotal in ensuring the fair play and integrity of the tournament.

In a statement, IWBF Competition Chair Charlie Bethel, expressed confidence in the selected officials, saying:

“We are delighted to have such a talented and experienced group of international technical officials for the 2023 IWBF Women’s U25 World Championship. Their expertise will contribute significantly to the success of the tournament, and we are certain they will uphold the values of the IWBF in promoting wheelchair basketball excellence.”

The 2023 IWBF U25 Women’s World Championship promises to be a showcase of the incredible skill and determination of young athletes in the world of wheelchair basketball. With the highly capable international technical officials now announced, fans and players alike can eagerly anticipate a competition of the highest caliber.

As the countdown to 3 October, the global wheelchair basketball community eagerly awaits the opening tip-off of this prestigious event. Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth coverage of the 2023 IWBF Women’s U25 World Championship as the world’s best young female wheelchair basketballers converge for what is sure to be an unforgettable competition.